Shirasu, sakura shrimp, dried fish, crab in Yaizu Sakana Center Co., Ltd. マルワ商店To! 1 minute drive from Yaizu IC!
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In our shop, as a measure against corona, we try to sterilize alcohol in the store on a regular basis.
In addition, not only the hand washing of the sales floor staff, thorough gargle, but also everyone wears a mask.
In order to manage the physical condition of the staff, it is mandatory to measure the body temperature before going to work every day.
Please come to our store with peace of mind.

Fresh fresh!
Delivers a delicious fish from Yaizu fish city!

YAIZU fish shop where vigour exists most within the Center we are proud. Such confident shopping your sure, enjoy.

Organizations like bus trips, will be welcome. YAIZU YAIZU fresh seafood with a large tourist facilities of Japan's largest fish enjoy shopping in the Center in the us.

マルワ商店 人気商品
Most popular items

マルワ商店 干物
Dry matter

マルワ商店 しらす
a sning

マルワ商店 桜エビ
Cherry shrimp

Greetings from the President

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焼津さかなセンター 入口
YAIZU fish Center entrance

焼津さかなセンター 建屋
YAIZU fish Center building

マルワ商店 接客風景
Marwa Shoten co., Ltd.

Tourist Office of the Shizuoka Prefecture boasts a number of visitors of 1500000 people a year leading the YAIZU fish Center.
There are about 70 shops in the Yaizu Sakana Center! Corporation Marwa shoppingIt was opened two years ago as one of them.
Our location is near the center of the building on the East side.It is located in the local Oigawa fishing port, Maisaka port, and Yomune fishing port, and handles fresh chilled fish, crabs, shrimps, fish egg products, shirasu, and cherry shrimp.
I look forward to your visit!

1-min. by car from Tomei Highway YAIZU IC!
10 min. drive from new Tomei Highway fujieda Oka, IC!

Is a large private car park

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YAIZU fish Center

YAIZU fish Center through each store to shop and the city and Union 3 is a commercial facility in the sector.
Marine products, such as locally caught seafood wholesale and direct sales primarily. It has about 70, Shizuoka products are sold to stores, seafood and other.
Other dining options include a restaurant and fast food.

Shizuoka Yaizu
YAIZU fish Center

corporation マルワ商店
9:00~17:00 Except Wednesdays(Biweekly)